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What is the Education for Wellbeing programme?

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (AFNCCF) is an evidence-based children’s mental health charity with over 60 years’ experience of caring for young minds.
The Centre has been commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver an exciting new Education for Wellbeing programme. The Education for Wellbeing Programme will implement and evaluate five different mental health and wellbeing interventions across selected mainstream schools in England. The results will be published in a report to the DfE, who will incorporate the findings into their decision-making about how to support children and young people’s wellbeing. The interventions are not targeted at specific pupils but are designed to be delivered to whole classes.
Following an application from your child’s school, your child’s class will be taking part in the Education for Wellbeing programme. Your child’s class has been randomly allocated to receive Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a technique than can help people with their wellbeing through learning to notice and experience what is happening in the present moment in a non-judgmental way. The aim is to increase focus on and improve self-awareness of sensations, emotions and thoughts. There are many different mindfulness techniques, but the basis of this programme is a focus on mindful breathing. An example of a mindfulness exercise is provided in the attached worksheet.
Your child’s class will learn to practise Mindfulness during the spring term of 2019. Mindfulness training will be built into the school day to ensure that your child’s lessons will not be interrupted, and will usually be delivered by your child’s class teacher for around 5 minutes each day.
All school staff delivering the mindfulness training will have been trained by experts from the AFNCCF and will have received a range of support materials to use in class.