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Our new, very positive OFSTED report has been published which can be downloaded here. The Inspectors were delighted with the school, stating it was a ‘privilege’ to visit.

The report truly celebrates what the school has achieved since the last inspection. However, it also should be read in the context of the current Inspection Framework and the fact that the expectations of what is deemed Good, have changed over four times since our last inspection in October 2012.

In the current framework, Good schools that are on the cusp of outstanding have to convert their one day Inspection to a further two days inspection with a new inspection team; total of three days. We decided at Norbury that we knew we were strong and that this option was not one we wanted.

We are proud the report highlighted our successes, though feel it should have contained the outstanding learning undertaken in EYFS, which the Lead Inspector did feedback verbally.

Norbury will continue to flourish and excel, taking on the next steps, which were already a focus for our leaders at Norbury. Our science results for SATs this year are at 96% so we know we are truly on the road to further successes.

Finally, I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the wonderful staff at Norbury who work tirelessly for the good of all pupils and indeed our pupils and our parents who make this school such a ‘privilege’ for visitors to see and for our learners to be part of.