Welldon Crescent, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1QQ Telephone: 020 8863 8769

Our core offer at Norbury is:

      1. Keeping ourselves safe.
      2. Continuing learning.
      3. Allowing others to learn.
      4. Expecting excellence of ourselves & others.
      5. Making choices to be model citizens of the world.

Our Learning Charter demonstrates our pupils are central in their learning, as the Charter was created by them, and staff.

 At Norbury:

At Norbury we like to learn by:

We enjoy the opportunities to ‘think, pair, share’.

We prefer questions which mean we have to consider facts, opinion, debate and explore to find answers.

We want thinking time and for all of us to participate in learning.

We accept that learning is a journey which never ends, though has many twists and turns.