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Pupils are aware and have an understanding of My Body My Body My Rules underpins our Safeguarding knowledge  from Nursery – Year 6. Within EYFS and Key Stage 1 our youngest members of the school community base their learning on PANTS, a NSPCC initiative. The learning is then extended in Key Stage 2 to FGM awareness.

“There are many Myths given for undergoing FGM. for example, it makes you cleaner, healthier or a good person but we know that none of these are true. it is simply an act of violence and it must end because all children have the right to be protected from harm.

We have had lessons about why FGM continues and it seems that the people supporting FGM just don’t have the right information.

FGM is happening in the UK too and as we are the next generation, it is very important that we know the facts about what exactly it is, so that we can break the cycle.

It is time we stood up and break the cycle.”