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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is an important transition year. Children move from KS1 into lower KS2 where expectations are higher and there is more of a focus of them moving towards being more resilient and independent in their learning.

During the year we consolidate much of their KS1 learning, to deepen and strengthen their understanding as well as setting fast paced and challenging learning to enable children to feel comfortable during learning challenges.

In Literacy, children are challenged through the choice of class text, where the skills of inference and comprehension are further enhanced. Literacy lessons often based around drama and sensory learning to build children’s experiences that impact their language acquisition. They read class texts such as ‘The Iron Man’, ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and a variety of other genres with many different writing outcomes. There is a great emphasis on building an appreciation for a higher quality of language choices. In year 3, the thesaurus and dictionary become integral tools to our writing. As well as developing the skill of self-evaluation, children will also learn to peer assess.

As we continue with the Maths Mastery approach, children will build on using and applying their skills through the use of visual and concrete objects. Children are challenged through a variety of problem solving activities where they must reflect on prior knowledge and learn to solve them. It is an area where they build great resilience in their learning by justifying and proving their reason and explanations.  

Knowledge and skills attained in literacy and Maths are then applied through our IPC topics.  Children will learn about various periods in history such as ‘The Egyptians’ and ‘The Stone Age’,  as well as exploring the local area and the wider world.

In science children will investigate the scientific discoveries and how they apply to their own world through topics such as ‘Light and Shadows’ and ‘Plants’. It is during this learning that children utilise all of their skills as they begin to become independent researchers, scientists and historians.


Writing assessment criteria


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