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Message from the Head Teacher

Welcome to Norbury School, where we are a World in a School Learning Together, with over 55 different languages and over 50 countries represented at our dynamic school. From this richness of cultures and experiences we know that we strive to Be Inspired and Inspire from ourselves and beyond.

At Norbury Safeguarding and the UNICEF Rights of the Child are central to all we do and how we act. We are proud of our Respect, Responsibility and Rights ethos. We are a Unicef Gold school championing the RRSA standards, alongside being a Learning Hub for Safeguarding and Centre of Excellence for Inclusion. We teach PANTs from Nursery-Yr6 and lead in FGM education from Year 3 onwards, which means our pupils are knowledgeable and informed on how to keep safe. Being at Norbury, being a Norburian will challenge, motivate and develop the BEST from your child, in a nurturing, coaching and respectful environment so that they are the inspiration across our community. Because we are a Learning Hub for Safeguarding, and gymnastics as well as having a Specialist Leader in Education for Music, the school is always busy with visitors attending training, seminars and being part of our learning experiences.

Learners at Norbury are linguists with over 80% speaking English as an additional language. This is a strength within our school. Our main focus is developing our reading so that our writing outcomes are improved. We are in the top 10% of the country for our reading and maths progress and know that our writing will improve across this year.

To be at Norbury means that your child will be immersed in music, we sing daily, all aspects of PE and being part of the International Primary curriculum which covers history, geography, RE, Science, Art & DT in a thematic way that builds skills and knowledge across your child times at Norbury. At Norbury we love our table tennis, our dancing and our creative arts.

All of this means Norbury is a busy, vibrant and exciting school in the centre of a Harrow and at the centre of Harrow.

Ms L. Browning