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Our aim for Science at Norbury is to develop pupils’ “scientific habits and minds” leading to pupils to value and use science as a way of knowing based on evidence. Through Science we provide our pupils with a broad range of skills and opportunities to ensure that they have the language, knowledge and skills that they require to be able to embrace future challenges confidently. Therefore, enabling our pupils to participate in scientific debates, ask questions and adopt a critical stance.

We support all children to be curious and excited about the world around them. From Nursery to Year six, children are encouraged to explore, discover and investigate; asking and finding answers to questions they may ask about our world. The way our science curriculum is structured, allows pupils to consolidate previous understanding as well as building upon existing ideologies and theories.



At Norbury we recognise that understanding needs to grow cumulatively, therefore learning is broken into meaningful components. Substantive knowledge, secured alongside the disciplinary knowledge and skills of ‘scientific enquiry’, enable pupils to become competent and confident scientists.

We recognise the importance of building children’s experiences of science on a solid foundation. In the Early years, children are introduced to scientific skills through exploration, problem solving, observing, predicting, making decisions and talking about the world around them. They are encouraged to ask questions, manipulate objects and materials to identify similarities and differences. Children develop the use of scientific language through making links in other areas of the curriculum

Through their learning all children demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of science through written and verbal explanations. They show their ability to undertake practical work in a variety of contexts, which are seen through the different scientific fields – biology, chemistry and physics.

Children will study science through four key areas:

·         Scientific enquiry

·         Life processes and living things

·         Materials and their properties

·         Physical processes


To support our children at Norbury to move from novices to expert scientists they need to master scientific vocabulary. Therefore, lessons are created to introduce, understand and practise the use of domain specific language. Links with other subjects across the wider curriculum allow children to apply their use of these words and gain knowledge beyond their experience.

Photos of Science at Norbury

 Progression of Disciplinary skills

science progression of disciplinary skills.pdf

 Progression of substantive skills

science progression of substantive skills.pdf

Progression of vocabulary

science progression of vocabulary.pdf



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