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Little Wandle


The resources on this page will help you support your child with saying their sounds and writing their letters. There are also some useful videos so you can see how they are taught at school and feel confident about supporting their reading at home.


https://www.busythings.co.uk/play/ - Please log into DB Primary and visit the Home Learning Resources community page for the log in details.



BBC Bitesize

BBC Newsround

BBC Primary Teaching Resources


BBC Shakespeare Archive

20 days of lessons with Scholastics:

Scholastics EYFS and Year 1

Scholastics Years 2-3

Scholastics Years 4-6

Scholastics Years 6+


Maths Resources

LGFL – Maths at Home – videos of different maths concepts by age

LGFL – MulteMaths – Maths activities

LGFL – Maths with HM Coast Guard Search and Rescue

Maths Salamanders – free maths worksheets for every topic

Nrich – free maths activities based around problem solving, logic and reasoning

Maths Aids – free site where you can create your own worksheets

White Rose Maths – free maths resources

Hit the button

Multiplication speed game

Multiplications 100 Seconds

Practice Multiplication test

The Maths Factor


Maths Games


Maths Playground

ICT Maths Games

Maths is Fun 

Maths Drills

Maths Champs

Sheppard Software


English Resources

LGFL – Rising Stars – 15 free ebooks to download

LGFL – Early Shakespeare – Midsummers Night Dream & Romeo and Juliet for EYFS and KS1

LGFL – Fairytales – stories for EYFS & KS1

LGFL – Reading Zone Live – Interviews with authors

Free Children’s Audio books from Audible

Epic Books App – free 30 day trial – digital library of children’s books

Oxford Owl – free ebook library

Pobble 365 – daily writing inspiration and activities

Literacy Shed – free resources to help with writing and creativity

Free David Walliams audio books

British Council English language resources


Keep Healthy at Home

Youtube – Joe Wicks Workout videos for kids at home– daily broadcast

Learn how to play table tennis (even without the equipment!)


LGFL Resources for Science, History & Geography

LGFL – Switched on Science

LGFL – London Schools Symphony Orchestra Archive

LGFL – Timemaps – animated and interactive timelines of history topics

LGFL – Significant people in history

LGFL – Explore Geography

LGFL – Viking Adventures

LGFL – The Romans in London

LGFL – The Tudors in London

LGFL – The River Thames – History and Geography resources

LGFL – Ancienct Egypt

LGFL – The tale of Sigurd and the Dragon

LGFL – Polar Explorations

LGFL – World War 1

LGFL – Prehistoric Britain

LGFL – Learn about the Maya

LGFL – Fossils and Dinosaurs

LGFL – Space Adventures

LGFL – History of Computing

 Other Learning Resources

National Geographic Kids

Duolingo – Learn languages for free. Web or app.

Download Musescore to create your own music (year 5 & 6)

TedEd – engaging educational videos and animations

Khan Academy Kids – free educational app for kids

Khan Academy Maths

The Kids Should See This – cool educational videos

Crash Course Kids – educational science videos on youtube

Geography Games

Scouts – The Great Indoors – lots of fun activities

Primary Resources Geography links


Singing Project                             

Band Festival at home Project                           

Harrow Music Service Staff Concert   

Computing & Learn to Code

Scratch – free coding software (Yrs 2-6)

Microsoft Makecode Arcade

Microsoft Makecode Microbit simulator

Learn how to program in python

Learn how to make a website using HTML and CSS

Microsoft Kodu Game Lab – 3d game programming (Yrs 2-4)

Hour of code – lots of free 1hr coding activities

Videos about how computers work

Lego Bits and bricks coding activites

Blockly – learn coding through games for free

TinkerCad – free online software for 3d design, electronics and coding