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Art and Design

Art & Design at Norbury aims to ensure pupils develop a deep and fulfilling cultural experience through their study of the four main areas of Drawing, Painting & Mixed Media, Sculpture & 3D, Craft & Design.

We value all of the talents of Norbury children and celebrate them weekly, increasing the awe and wonder and inspiration across the school.

At Norbury our vision is to enable and empower all children to express themselves through the above four areas of Art and Design and to look at each area in depth.  We believe that Art and self expression creates the most complete child in an ever-changing world.  To this end, we use a specialist Art resource which supports our teachers to deliver the highest quality lessons to our students.

We have recently submitted an Artsmark application, the outcome of which will be celebrated on our Website in due course.  

At Norbury, we believe and commit to educating our children in the value of understanding different cultures through Art & Design, celebrating a diverse number of Artists: artists of black origin, female, artists from all around the globe, living and from the past.  This also promotes Oracy and lively discussions around the subject.

Each year we re-evaluate the curriculum to make it relevant to the children we teach, finding links to other curriculum areas wherever possible.  We celebrate abstract and non abstract art equally and visit London galleries for workshops when relevant to the curriculum.

We have various Art partners: Kapow, The Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Fine Arts Project, Heath Robinson Museum and finally Harrow School, who initiated a project whereby some Year 5 and Year 6 children had a series of lessons delivered by the Head of Art at Harrow School, in Harrow School's Art Department.

We now look forward to expanding the list of partners and to welcoming Artists back into school to inspire our pupils.

Art & Design at Norbury is vibrant, inspiring and exciting for both staff and pupils alike.

Photos of Art at Norbury

 Curriculum Progression

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  Curriculum Overview

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